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Kryolab recieves LHe in large 500 liters dewars, which later is filled via a super-isolated transfer line into customers dewars, usually in the size of 30 - 100 liters.

The TCF-20 liquefier purifies and produces liquefied helium from the recycled gas.

Two screw compressors adds the pressure needed for the expansion and thereby cooling of the helium at the turbines.

Flowmeters will let us now who sent how much gas in return.

Recycled helium gas is collected in a large balloon.

The recycling of helium gas involve detectors letting out all gas with impurities (air) more than 4 %.


...which is stored in several gas bottles with a total volume of 4 m3 - that allows up to 800 m3 storage of helium gas. When liqufied, this is appr. 1000 liters LHe.

A Bauer compressor will empty the balloon and the gas will be pressurized to a maximum of 200 bar...

The LINIT 25 produces around 90000 liters liquid nitrogen per year...

...and the storage tank of liquid nitrogen contains a maximum of 2000 liters, plus an extra tank of 500 liters.